Organizational renewal of C&I for improved service

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Resolution number: 
November 1994
  1. C&I has not met their own targets for processing claims, processing requests for permits or conducting reviews in a consistent or timely manner;
  2. There appears to be routine discrimination against people of colour within some parts of the Department, and there are regular reports of negative verbal comments against refugee or immigrant clients;
  3. The Department appears to have lost sight of the principle of client service, and its frontline employees are angry, confused and overwhelmed;
  4. C&I is likely to be the subject of continued resource reductions;
Therefore be it resolved: 
  1. The CCR communicate to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration the need for his commitment to a process of total organizational renewal of his Department with full involvement of stakeholders: Department management; employees and their representatives; and clients, including NGOs;
  2. In this context, the CCR ask that urgent attention be given to the Vegreville situation;
  3. As the CCR contribution to the Government Program review, the CCR communicate to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration all CCR resolutions with a cost-saving implication for the government.
Working Group: 
Inland Protection