Resolution number: 
November 1997
  1. Canada has taken a laudable leadership role within the Commonwealth in the initiative to condemn the Nigerian government for its extensive violation of human rights;
  2. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has declared that human rights should be an important consideration in Canadian foreign policy;
  3. Canada has suspended diplomatic relations with Nigeria and closed its embassy in Lagos;
  4. The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has still not made a decision to suspend deportations to Nigeria, thus creating a contradiction in policy between two Ministers of the same government;
  5. This policy may put Nigerian nationals deported back to their country at special risk of harassment and retaliation and persecution;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR:

  1. Write to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration requesting an immediate suspension of deportations to Nigeria;
  2. Write to the Minister of Foreign Affairs asking for his intervention in this matter;
  3. Distribute copies of the above letters to all members of the CCR requesting them to also send similar letters;
  4. Publicize our position in a communiqué issued to the media and other relevant organizations.
Working Group: 
Inland Protection