National security assessments

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Resolution number: 
November 1998
  1. The CCR supports the right of the Canadian government to deny refuge to people who have committed crimes against humanity and to others who pose serious national security threats, except where refoulement is in contravention of the Convention Against Torture or where there will be a risk of capital punishment;
  2. It is the right and duty of the state to ensure that a just system for identifying such persons is in place;
  3. The definitions in the Immigration Act relating to inadmissibility on the basis of security are over-broad;
  4. Decisions regarding security inadmissibility are made without respecting the due process rights of those affected;
  5. There is no time limit within which a decision may be made, leading to indefinite delays for some of those affected;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR call on the Canadian Government to:

  1. Introduce a system for identifying potential security risks with:

    a)a right to a hearing before an independent decision-maker for those alleged to be inadmissible on security grounds;

    b)protection of due process rights;

    c)an obligation to render a decision within a fixed time frame;

  2. Amend the Immigration Act to give a more precise definition of security risk.
Working Group: 
Inland Protection