Mental health

Resolution number
  1. In 1994, CCR passed a resolution urging the implementation of the recommendations outlined in "After the Door Has Been Opened" in regard to the mental health of refugee and immigrants;
  2. There has been no documented implementation or follow-up on the recommendations;
  3. There are limited and restricting resources for mental health services under the Interim Federal Health Program;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Request the development of a joint task group made up of CCR, CIC, Health Canada and relevant Québec ministries to investigate the outcome of the report's recommendations with an intent to re-evaluate the current status of mental health programming for refugees and immigrants and develop a national implementation strategy;
  2. Request that CIC, Health Canada and their Québec counterparts provide the resources to facilitate the consultation processes;
  3. Put in place measures to ensure broad representation of all stakeholders i.e. mental health practitioners, refugees and settlement providers;
  4. Request that as an interim measure, CIC ensure that resources are provided to the Interim Federal Health Program to provide for both short and long-term mental health services and that it be applied consistently across Canada.
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