Interpretation of Charities Act

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Resolution number: 
December 2001
  1. The current interpretation of the terms “general public” and “advocacy” by the Charities Branch means that many organizations serving immigrants and refugees, women and ethnospecific communities do not meet the criteria for being granted charitable status;
  2. Many organizations have been denied or lost charitable status because they are deemed to serve special interest groups and not the general public or because they include advocacy as part of their work;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR work with the Charities Branch to effect policy changes regarding the interpretation of the Charities Act as it affects the status of ethnospecific and women ’s organizations, so that these organizations are recognized to be part of general Canadian society; and that advocacy is recognized as an essential tool for democratic participation in civic societies and that the work of these groups is recognized to be beneficial to Canadian society.

Working Group: 
Immigration and Settlement