Interim federal health care program

Resolution number
  1. There are apparent administrative and service delivery problems in the current Interim Federal Health Care Program in relation to: a) access to services. b) time delays in receiving essential health care. c) loss of health care practitioners due to delays in payment and the complexity of paperwork. d) a lack of harmony between the provinces and the Federal Program. all of which creates risks to health and well-being of the clients.
  2. There are also concerns with the legality of providing a different level of basic health care service for some people living in Canada as compared with others.
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Request a meeting between representatives of the CCR and the responsible officials in the federal government to share the issues and problems perceived in the Interim Federal Health Care Program and attempt to cooperate in making appropriate revisions to ensure efficient and relevant health care service delivery to the clients covered by the Interim Federal Health Care Program.
  2. Working together with provincial umbrella organizations, insist that the provincial and federal governments address gaps in coverage and establish consistency of service and coverage across Canada.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement