Interdiction of passengers with proper documentation

Resolution number
  1. CBSA has acknowledged that it has provided recommendations to airlines that have resulted in the refusal to allow persons in Hungary to board flights to Canada on the alleged grounds of not possessing proper documentation to enter Canada;
  2. Hungary is a visa exempt country and the passengers in question possessed valid passports and no actual deficiency in their documents has been reported;
  3. The logical conclusion is that CBSA officials advised the airline that the persons in question were lying about their intentions to visit Canada temporarily, and were hiding an intention to remain permanently in Canada;
  4. CBSA’s recommendation was apparently based on the persons’ Roma ethnicity, which constitutes the use of racial profiling to prevent persons who have proper documentation from visiting Canada;
Therefore be it resolved

that CCR advocate that CBSA stop recommending to airlines that passengers who possess proper documentation be prevented from boarding planes to Canada.

Working Group
Inland Protection