Government-assisted refugee levels

Resolution number: 
November 1994
  1. The government of Canada continues not to meet the announced levels for government-assisted refugees;
  2. Sufficient funds must be allocated to the AAP program in order to meet announced levels;
  3. Accepted refugees in Canada have been separated from their immediate families at risk abroad;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR Executive meet with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to request that:

  1. The level for government-assisted refugees be restored to 13,000 and that this level be met;
  2. The AAP Program be provided with sufficient funds to ensure that the level can be met;
  3. To meet the 1993 level, the immediate families of accepted refugees already in Canada and those landed under the backlog be resettled immediately, whether or not they are in the family class.
  4. When levels are not met by the end of the year, the balance of the quota be carried through to the following year and be added on to that year's level.
Working Group: 
Immigration and Settlement