Family sponsorship

Resolution number
  1. Some refugees selected overseas are resettled in Canada without their immediate families (usually because they are in another country).
  2. Some refugees granted status by the IRB are advised not to include immediate family members on their permanent residence application, in the interests of speedier processing.
  3. Both of these groups of people may face financial barriers when they subsequently attempt to be reunited with their family, because they are no longer classified as refugees.
  4. There is inconsistency across Canada in the application of financial requirements for the sponsorship of spouses and dependent children.
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR urge CIC to:

  1. Process the immediate family of refugees selected overseas simultaneously, even when they are in a different country.
  2. Stop advising refugees granted status by the IRB not to include their immediate family on their permanent residence application.
  3. Ensure that no financial requirements are demanded of refugees who have become permanent residents or Canadian citizens and who are seeking to sponsor their immediate family.
Working Group
Overseas Protection and Resettlement