Expedited hearing process - Vancouver pilot project

Resolution number
  1. The Convention Refugee Determination Division intends to introduce a pilot project in Vancouver requiring that all refugee claimants go through the expedited process interview with an RCO that would be tape recorded, with the transcripts available should the case go to full hearing;
  2. The process will unnecessarily complicate the hearing process for those cases which are required to proceed to full hearing;
  3. The process will prejudice the claimants who go to full hearing by making it known to the Board members conducting the full hearing that the claimant has not been recommended by the expedited process;
  4. Use of the recording of the pre-hearing conference or RCO notes at the full hearing will create a hearing process which overly focuses on contradictions between the PIF, the transcript of the pre-hearing conference and the full hearing and create an overly adversarial environment during the hearing;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Oppose the introduction of the Vancouver Immigration and Refugee Board pilot project of holding obligatory pre-hearing conferences which will be recorded;
  2. Urge that the expedited hearing process conserve its administrative autonomy and remain completely separate from the full hearing process;
  3. Urge that the existence of the expedited hearing process continue not to be disclosed to the Board members conducting the full hearing process.
Working Group
Inland Protection