Expanding economic immigration to workers of all skill levels

Resolution number
  1. The rampant expansion and continuous demand for the low-skilled (now low-wage) streams of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) make it clear that the labour shortages being filled are long-term and not temporary;
  2. The 2011 rule limiting migrant workers in the low-wage stream of the TFWP (previously known as the low-skilled pilot project) to four years of work in Canada, was intended to reinforce the temporary nature of the program, despite the continuing nature of the demand;
  3. The above time limits, which only apply to workers in the low-wage stream, exacerbate existing vulnerabilities;
  4. Canada’s traditional immigration approach was focused on nation-building through permanent immigration that met the broad range of labour needs across the Canadian economy; all workers were part of the national project;
  5. Canada’s shift towards temporary labour migration promotes a two-tiered, stratified society;
Therefore be it resolved

that the CCR call for Canada’s economic immigration program to be expanded to reflect the broad social, cultural, linguistic and environmental needs of the Canadian labour market by including workers of all skill levels.

Working Group
Immigration and Settlement