“Enhanced reliability” clearances for settlement agency staff

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Resolution number: 
December 2001
  1. Settlement agencies received a memo dated Nov. 2, 2001 indicating that “Enhanced Reliability” clearances on LINC, ISAP, RAP and Host staff will be a contract requirement as of 2002-2003, referring to this as a measure prompted by the events of September 11;
  2. The memo is unclear about which staff will be subject to such requirements;
  3. The memo implies that CIC is creating a vulnerable computer system after having assured settlement agencies that the system would be secure;
  4. The CCR fails to see any connection between September 11 and credit checks on those handling valuables;
  5. Agencies are liable for the actions of their staff and volunteers and thus have measures in place to assure their reliability;
  6. Preliminary investigation indicates that no other federal department which manages contribution agreements, such as HRDC, Health Canada, CIDA, etc., are implementing similar measures;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR:

  1. Request clarification from CIC regarding: a) What staff CIC believes need a security check and why. b) What credit checks are envisaged, whether they include volunteer board members who have bank signing authorities, and why. c) Why there is a rush on checks on staff using a computer system which we had been assured was secure and through which agencies would only have access to data regarding their own clients;
  2. Urge the Prime Minister to address this issue as an example of systemic racism and the targeting of immigrants by the federal government;
  3. Examine the Human Rights implications of this matter with the Human Rights Commission;
  4. Explore the possibility of a charter challenge on this issue;
  5. Bring the issue to the attention of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.
Working Group: 
Immigration and Settlement