DROC passport requirements

Resolution number
  1. Refugee claimants eligible for landing in Canada through the DROC program often left their homeland for fear of persecution.
  2. The Case Processing Centre in Vegreville, Alberta is requiring that all eligible DROC applicants submit a passport as ID for landing purposes.
  3. Some refugee claimants eligible for acceptance into Canada through the DROC program are extremely afraid to approach the embassies of their homeland to request passports fearing that it could endanger their own lives or those of their loved ones in their homeland.
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR request that CIC waive the requirement of specifically providing passports as ID in cases where DROC applicants fear that their life or the lives of their loved ones in their homeland could be put at risk by requesting such a passport at their embassy. Instead, other types of ID should be permitted for processing purposes.

Working Group
Inland Protection