DNA testing

Resolution number
  1. Citizenship and Immigration Canada through its foreign missions, is requesting a large number of families to submit to DNA testing as proof of relationships prior to approval for sponsorship;
  2. The DNA tests are being requested mainly for families from Third World countries;
  3. The DNA tests are very expensive, costing over $1200 for a family of two and more for large families, thus adding a further unbearable financial and emotional burden to families already struggling to raise money to pay processing fees, the Head Tax and transportation costs, and causing unacceptable delays in family re-unification;
  4. Current statistics show that over 90% of tests done to date have proved the families' relationships;
  5. The small number of negative test results cannot justify the financial burden imposed on others by widespread testing;
  6. Too much power is being wielded by the Canadian visa posts abroad in frequently requesting these tests when no reasonable grounds for doing so have been clearly established;
Therefore be it resolved

that the CCR:

  1. Call on CIC to stop the present discriminatory practice of requesting DNA testing from people from mainly Third World countries.
  2. Strongly urge the Minister to establish and publish clear guidelines as to what constitutes reasonable grounds of doubt which would justify a request for DNA testing.
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Inland Protection