Resolution number
  1. The government of Canada is now contemplating the use of temporary work permits to attract new immigrants to settle in smaller communities:
  2. The use of temporary work permits with geographical limitations to attract potential immigrants and their families to Canada is cruel and damaging, if, for some reasons beyond their reasonable control, permanent residency is not eventually granted;
  3. Restricting mobility within Canada is a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and will create two classes of residents;
  4. Restricting settlement in certain areas without adequate access to settlement, economic and social services may impose undue hardship on new immigrants and the host communities.
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR request the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to:

  1. Desist from implementing any re-population strategy for smaller communities that involves immigration without consulting stakeholders and ensuring that these communities have the supports necessary to welcome new immigrants;
  2. Refrain from extending the program which uses temporary permits as a pre-condition to obtaining the right to apply for permanent residence status at the end of a specified time period.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement