Deportation to the US of persons from countries to which Canada does not deport

Resolution number
  1. Canada has suspended deportations to Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo (ex-Zaire), Afghanistan, Rwanda, & Burundi;
  2. CIC does not consider this policy to cover removals to third countries, principally the United States;
  3. A significant numbers of claimants arrive at Canadian border points via the United States, often as a result of Canadian interdiction practices;
  4. A growing number of refused refugee claimants face an imminent danger of being removed to the United States, a country which at present has no suspension of deportations to the above-named countries;
  5. The CCR has written several times to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in the spring and summer of 1998, asking her to suspend removals of these individuals to the United States;
  6. CIC has to date maintained its policy;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Continue to energetically oppose, by all means possible, the implementation of this policy;
  2. Prepare a letter and information kit which CCR members can use to lobby their M.P.s, and to mobilize support from other organizations involved in human rights work.
Working Group
Inland Protection