Convention relating to the Anti-Racism Policy

Resolution number
  1. The Canadian Council for Refugees recognizes that racism is systemic in Canadian society. It causes pain, humiliation and has far-reaching consequences. It is embedded in society and social institutions in a way that is so pervasive that it is often invisible;
  2. The Anti-Racism Policy of the Canadian Council for Refugees was adopted on November 24th, 1996 by its members who have recognized that racism prevents equality in opportunity and access to asylum, immigration opportunities, education, jobs, housing, health care and social services, and limits participation in decision-making bodies;
  3. The CCR acknowledges its commitment to promote anti-racism principles and practices among its member organizations;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR urge all its member groups to adopt the following convention:

As a member of the Canadian Council for Refugees, our organization:

  1. Commits itself to facilitating the elimination of racism and all forms of discrimination by working towards the identification and elimination of the barriers that prevent refugees and immigrants from participating in Canadian society;
  2. Commits itself to ensuring that the principles of equality, equity for all races, languages, faiths and cultures are reflected in our organization's policies, procedures and relations with staff, members and the society. It is our responsibility to ensure that the communities that we serve and members of our organization see themselves valued and reflected within the organization;
  3. Undertakes to develop and implement an anti-racism policy;
  4. Fosters an environment that is free of racism, sexism, discrimination and bias where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity;
  5. Seeks opportunities for training and education in anti-racism for our staff, volunteers and Board;
  6. Provides opportunities for refugees, immigrants and people of colour to be represented when selecting participants for meetings (e.g. CCR conferences) and when organizing events;
  7. Recognizes the importance of public education about why Canada must protect refugees and welcome immigrants. This work may be undertaken through active media work, through public education programs and through making positive information on refugees and immigrants readily available and accessible.
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