Code of conduct for the interpreters

Resolution number: 
June 1994
  1. A just refugee system requires that all players in the process, including interpreters, are held accountable;
  2. Interpreters are at present not held in any way accountable;
  3. There is no standard testing model for the purpose of accreditation and competence of interpreters and in many of languages there is not test at all. Different centres are allowed to recruit their interpreters using their own criteria;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR call upon the IRB to ensure that:

  1. There is coherence in the overall accreditation of the interpreters in all the languages;
  2. Interpreters are made accountable through licensing and be required to observe codes of conduct;
  3. Those previously recruited are made to take an updated test before certification.
Working Group: 
Inland Protection