Citizenship and Immigration Canada downsizing

Resolution number
  1. There is continual downsizing of direct service of CIC offices i.e.. mail-in services (Vegreville and Mississauga); reduction in CIC staff; reduction in hours of access; the use of tele-centres; and the introduction of 1-888 phone lines which direct calls from some provinces to offices located in another province.
  2. These changes are causing (a) a significant decrease in access to services, information and support (the existence of which allows clarification of information and procedures preventing delays and complications in individual immigration related issues); (b) a significant decrease in the quality of service due to less personal contact; (c) a significant increase in workload of NGOs and community support who lack resources to respond to the needs.
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Write to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration expressing our concerns about her department's downsizing having a deleterious effect on services and increasing the work (unpaid) of NGOs and requesting that a freeze be put on any further downsizing of CIC staff providing direct client service.
  2. Include in this correspondence a request for a user evaluation to be done of mail-in services and use of local and 1-888 tele-centres.
  3. Request that CIC work with the CCR to develop a process which ensures quality and access of CIC services, federally and locally.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement