CCR involvement in interim review process

Resolution number: 
June 1994
  1. The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has, by News Release dated May 20, 1994, announced that his Department is establishing an "interim review process" to review negative decisions on refugee claims;
  2. The Minister has invited the CCR to assist in this "interim review process";
Therefore be it resolved: 


  1. The CCR is interested in participating in the "interim review" of rejected refugee claimants announced by the Minister;
  2. CCR involvement must include full participation in designing the review process and establishing its criteria and would include representation at all working sessions of the Departmental planning body;
  3. All rejected claims, irrespective of date of rejection, be included in the review;
  4. If the CCR is adequately represented on a management committee to oversee administration of the review, the CCR recommend to its members that they circulate information on the review and that the CCR also encourage its members to assist eligible claimants in making appropriate submissions to the review process, on a non-exclusive basis.
Working Group: 
Inland Protection