BC Welfare

Resolution number: 
November 1995
  1. The B.C. government has passed two orders-in-council denying social assistance to newcomers and certain classes of refugees and immigrants;
  2. Effective November 1st 1995 immigrants who do not have a Minister's Permit or who are not in the refugee determination process or who are eligible for deportation will not be eligible for any form of social assistance;
  3. Effective December 1st, 1995, all newcomers to the province of B.C. including refugee claimants are not eligible for any form of social assistance for their first 90 days in the province;
Therefore be it resolved: 

that the CCR write immediately to the B.C. Minister of Social Services, Joy Macphail, to demand the immediate repeal of these regulations and to remind her of:

  1. Canada's international obligations to refugee claimants;
  2. The length of time rejected refugee claimants remain in Canada prior to deportation;
  3. The social and economic plight of newly arrived refugee claimants.
Working Group: 
Inland Protection