Resolution number
  1. In December 1988 the government promised refugee claimants in the Refugee Claimant Backlog a swift and simple resolution of their cases;
  2. Since 1989 the CCR and its members have repeatedly responded to evidence of stress and misery resulting from this protracted process by calls to the previous government to allow the persons to proceed to landing;
  3. Some persons have been denied landing because their spouse has a minor criminal infraction;
  4. Almost 5 years later in November 1993 there are persons remaining in Canada whose status has not yet been resolved;
  5. A person has the right to have such a civil suit resolved in a reasonable time, which is less than 5 years;
  6. Many persons remain under constant threat of removal from a country where they have become established because their situation has not been finally resolved by the federal government;
Therefore be it resolved
That the CCR and its members now call upon the federal government to suspend removal of persons in the refugee claimant backlog and allow them and their families to be processed for landing in Canada.
Working Group
Inland Protection