Appointment and reviews of members of CRDD

Resolution number
  1. The CCR passed resolution #11 and #18 at the May 1992 Consultation;
  2. The CCR is still concerned with the quality and the independence of the CRDD members;
  3. To be suitable Board members must have positive attitudes towards people of diverse cultures backgrounds and should not stereotype;
  4. Board members ought to be sensitive to the unique needs of refugee women claimants and be aware of the special forms of persecution directed at women;
  5. The previous government addressed part only of the concern by advertising vacancies and allowing for disciplining and removal of members;
  6. A political culture of cynicism and callousness towards refugees has developed in some regions and among some board members;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR contact the new Minister of Immigration and request that:

  1. Resolution #11 and #18 be implemented and a continuous program of sensitivity training be established;
  2. The CCR and appropriate regional Bars be involved in the review and confirmation of continuing contracts of members;
  3. The IRB develop a continuous review of Board members who are unsuitable and develop a procedure to remove or discipline such members.
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