Appeal on the merits

Resolution number
  1. Proposed amendments to the Immigration Act recently announced by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration will result in one member IRB hearings thereby removing important procedural protections from refugee claimants and increasing the chance of incorrect IRB decisions;
  2. The Minister has previously acknowledged the need for an appeal on the merits for IRB decisions;
  3. The Minister has rejected the recommendations of the Davis/Waldman report and other consultations which support the establishment of an appeal on the merits for IRB decisions;
  4. Past conclusions of the Executive Committee of the UNHCR have stated that signatories to the Refugee Convention should have a process whereby refugee claimants may appeal the merits of a negative decision on their refugee claims;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR strongly express its disappointment and disagreement with the Minister's failure to establish an appeal process whereby unsuccessful refugee claimants could appeal a negative decision of the IRB on the merits.

Working Group
Inland Protection