Amendment to resolutions resolution

Resolution number

Resolutions are to establish policy and should be framed as statements of policy position, not specific actions. As far as possible, they should state general policies, rather than fact-specific positions.

Therefore be it resolved

That the resolution on procedures for resolutions be amended at 1b) as follows:

  1. Resolutions must first be adopted by a CCR Working Group or by the Executive. Resolutions may be brought forward by representatives of member organizations, or by individual members. Before the resolution is adopted, designated members of the Working Group or the Executive should endeavour to ensure that the resolution conforms with the following required criteria:
    a) facts are correct.
    b) proposed actions are clear and practicable a policy position is stated.
    c) purpose and effect are clear.
    d) resolution is not repetitive of previously-adopted resolutions.
    e) resolution does not unintentionally contradict previously established CCR policies.
    f) wording is constructive and consistent with CCR goals.
    g) names of the mover, seconder and source Working Group (or Exec) are listed.
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