Algerian agreement and procedures for other countries to which Canada does not deport

Resolution number
  1. The CCR has passed several resolutions outlining its views about the treatment of persons from countries to which Canada does not deport;
  2. There is a growing number of people who have been in Canada for many years without any clear prospect for resolving their situations, since humanitarian and compassionated guidelines doe not deal explicitly with their cases;
  3. The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Denis Coderre, lifted the suspension of removals to Algeria on April 5, 2002, without any plan as to the disposition of those cases especially for those people who have been in Canada for over three years;
  4. There is now a special procedure for Algerians, including an examination of their integration process by Quebec Immigration (MRCI) for persons in Quebec;
  5. There are unanswered questions as to the examination of other humanitarian considerations, particularly marriages and ‘the best interests of the child';
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Reiterate its support to the Comité d'action des sans statut (Res. 15, December 2001);
  2. Call on CIC to immediately clarify the process for this special procedure for Algerians, especially for those people outside Quebec;
  3. Call on CIC after consultations with NGO and community groups to develop written procedures, which would apply every time the suspension of deportations to a particular country is lifted.
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Inland Protection