Accountability framework

Resolution number

The CCR reaffirms Resolution 3 from November 1992 and Resolution16 from December 2000,

Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Verify with the Privacy Commissioner and the Canadian Human Rights Commission and seek independent legal advice on the ethics of:  (i) agencies releasing client information without explicit, voluntary, informed client consent.  (ii) having newcomers sign blanket release of information forms upon arrival, raising significant issues of informed, voluntary consent and raising issues of how agencies will be able to know which clients may have refused release of information;
  2. Request that CIC do a cost-benefit analysis of moving from aggregate data collection to individual data collection;
  3. Urge CIC to heed the suggestions in the Kathleen Stevenson report;
  4. Urge CIC to enter into a discussion with the sector about the desired outcomes of settlement services and base the performance measurement and program evaluation framework on these outcomes.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement