Share why are you proud to protect refugees

Because I was protected 23 years agoLet’s change the conversation. Help promote a positive vision of what we want for refugees in Canada and of the important contributions refugees make to our communities.

Get involved and show your pride in protecting refugees in Canada. Here are some ideas below. Click here for more ideas, or if you have one to share!

What you can do:

  • Adopt and post the ‘Proud to Protect Refugees’ slogan, theme and key messages for activities

  • Talk to others about why you are proud to protect refugees, and why they should be tooProud to protect refugees button EN

  • Order, wear and share Proud to Protect Refugees buttons and other information about the Proud to Protect Refugees campaign

  • Participate in national events like the Walk with refugees for a stronger Canada(16 - 22 June 2014)

  • Share facts and stories of refugee contributions and promote positive messages about refugees

  • Set straight myths and misconceptions about refugees and others seeking protection in Canada.

  • Raise refugee voices

Use social media

Show why supporting and welcoming refugees is important. Why are you #proudtoprotectrefugees? Post your reasons on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

Proud to protect refugees badge

We’ve designed a special ‘Proud to protect refugees’ badge you can add to your profile pictures.
Share some ready-made tweets or your own reasons why you are proud to protect refugees and use #proudtoprotectrefugees
Share one of these images about refugees in Canada on Facebook to help turn heads and change minds.
Fairness means the same rules for all. What is the longest time you have spent away from loved ones? In 2012 Canada welcomed more BMWs than refugees
Fighting discrimination is a Canadian value Who would you miss if he or she hadn't found protection in Canada?  

Sample tweets:

Fairness means the same rules for all. Why different rules for some #refugees? Canada can do better to be #proudtoprotectrefugees #cdnimm

How long have you been away from loved ones: Days? Weeks? #Refugees wait years. Canada can do better to be #proudtoprotectrefugees #cdnimm

In 2012 Canada welcomed more BMWs than #refugees. What’s wrong with this picture? Canada can do better to be #proudtoprotectrefugees #cdnimm

Fighting discrimination is ‘Canadian’. We need fair & equal rules for #refugees. Canada can do better to be #proudtoprotectrefugees #cdnimm

#Refugees in Canada enrich our lives. Who would you miss if she wasn’t protected here? We can do better & be #proudtoprotectrefugees #cdnimm

Other #proudtoprotectrefugees tweets

I’m #proudtoprotectrefugees because it’s a Canadian tradition to continue: #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

I’m #proudtoprotectrefugees in Canada. Are you? Everyone deserves freedom & dignity. #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

I’m #proudtoprotectrefugees in Canada. Everyone has a right to freedom, dignity & respect. #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

I’m #proudtoprotectrefugees Let’s keep Canada safe for refugees. #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

I’m #proudtoprotectrefugees Let’s keep Canada a haven for refugees. #cdnimm #cdnrfg #cdnpoli