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Now available: Proud to Protect Refugees campaign packs

Planning an event or activity? Stock up on buttons, stickers, posters and more to show you are Proud to Protect Refugees and to change the conversation about refugees in your community.

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Price List*

Best value: Proud to Protect Refugees campaign bundle
(5 18x24'' posters, 50 buttons, 50 stickers) - $ 57

Other options:
  Buttons only Stickers only
  In English or French
In English or French
50 (1 pack/strip - minimum) 30 8
100 (2 packs/strips) 60 15
250 (5 packs/strips) 150 34
500 (10 packs/strips) 275 68
1,000 (20 packs/strips) 550 135
1,000 +
(more than 20 packs/strips)
(contact CCR office) (contact CCR office)
Posters only (18x24'' in English or French, roll of 5) - $ 25
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Note: Submitting your payment by cheque is the most cost-efficient for the CCR
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