Toolkit: Promoting and Raising Awareness on Refugee Rights

Crafting an impactful message 

Key messages should always tie back to your values as it will speak to your target audience and support your mission. It has to be concise, relatable, and communicate a clear call-to-action. Now that you have defined your target audience, you can brainstorm with your team around the building blocks of your messaging:

• Objective • Audience • Tone • Call-to-action 

Your message(s) should:

  1. Reflect your values
  2. Be culturally sensitive and inclusive
  3. Clearly demonstrate the importance or urgency of an issue
  4. Speak to your target audience’s concerns, emotions and interest
  5. Motivate your audience to act
  6. Convey new facts, issues and/or propose solutions
  7. Alter beliefs (e.g. Myth busting) and/or behaviours
  8. Be concise, clear and consistent

Here a few examples of good messaging: 

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For more advice on crafting an impactful message, including call-to-action advice and templates, click here.