Toolkit: Promoting and Raising Awareness on Refugee Rights


Best for: engagement, networking, outreach, partnerships

Useful features:

  • Pages: A LinkedIn page is the equivalent to a Facebook page, and a Showcase Page is ideal to promote tools and resources related to Refugee Rights Day.
  • How you’re connected: offers the opportunity to see how you are connected to an organization or an individual through LinkedIn. This tool is particularly useful for connecting with MPs and their staff, volunteers, policy makers, and the private sector for strategic partnerships.


  • Keep your tone as professional as possible
  • Posting sector-related content, news or announcements is advised
  • Post regularly: 2-3 times/week
  • Pre-schedule some of your posts with Hootsuite.
  • Interact with other Linkedin members by mentioning them: “@Username”
  • Go to LinkedIn for Nonprofits to get you started!



Best for: visual storytelling, engagement, outreach

Useful features:

  • Instagram stories: similar to Facebook live broadcasting, Instagram stories can be used to answer questions, make announcements, update your followers; live document an event, and give your supporters a behind the scenes look at your work and team. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, but can be saved on your electronic devices. More informations on Instagram stories here


  • Avoid using grainy or blurry photos  
  • Post regularly: ideally 3-5 times/week
  • Repost related and relevant posts from other accounts using the repost app
  • Don’t forget to give proper photo credits by mentioning the author/account in the caption, i.e.: "credit to: @username"
  • Interact with other Instagram accounts by mentioning them: “@Username”
  • Research and choose relevant hashtags and include 5 to 11 hashtags per post. Hashtags will help your posts get discovered and amplify your reach. Don't forget to add your own unique hashtag, i.e.: #RefugeesWelcomeHere 
  • Content curation tip: clicking on a related hashtag on Instagram such as #Refugees #RefugeesWelcome, or #CndPoli will display all content related to the hashtag.


Best for: awareness, public education and storytelling 

Useful features: 

  • YouTube Nonprofit Program: Grants available for grassroots organizations and nonprofits for video production support
  • Playlists: Grouping related videos together as playlists helps create video series based on a specific subject. You can also curate videos from other organizations’ channels that relate to your work.
  • Subscribe button: Always invite your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, that way; they will get a notification every time you upload a video to your channel.

For more resources on LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube, including strategy, hashtags, tools and pratical advice, click here