Outreach with Private Sponsorship Groups

What is the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Toolkit?

The CCR is in the process of developing a practical web-based resource to provide information about private refugee sponsorship to groups across Canada.

The toolkit includes:

  • Information about program options across the country
  • Information about how to prepare an application for sponsors and refugees
  • Resources for sponsors and refugees (both pre- and post-arrival)
  • Links to other resources
  • Information about national and local organizations offering support to sponsoring groups

This resource is primarily geared towards groups applying to privately sponsor refugees through a Group of 2 to 5 or Non-profit organization (in Quebec), or a Group of 5 or Community sponsor (in the rest of Canada). However, it also includes a lot of information relevant for other types of groups. 


Connect with the CCR!

The CCR encourages sponsoring groups to become involved and work towards common advocacy goals by: 

To read more about other ways to get involved see here!