In Loving Memory


18 August 2021

In Loving Memory

The Canadian Council for Refugees is mourning the death of Francisco Rico-Martinez. He worked all his life for justice and for more than three decades for the uprooted. He was President of the Canadian Council for Refugees from 1997 to 2001, as well as filling numerous other positions in the organization through the years – and never stopped being a leader, a teacher, an inspiration, a model and a companion along the way, within the CCR and throughout the refugee and immigration advocacy communities. 

With his wife, Loly Rico, he founded and co-directed FCJ Refugee Centre, an organization that offers hope and solutions to people who face closed doors everywhere else. 

Francisco was a visionary and a towering leader. He never hesitated to challenge injustices and half measures. He was constantly patient and compassionate with those who came looking for help. He brought joy and a sense of humour to the work. He was always passionate and faithful. The hole he leaves is immense. 

The CCR sends warm condolences to Loly, their children, Giovanni, Ana and Manuel, to all his colleagues at FCJ Refugee Centre, and to all who were close to him.