Guidelines For Election Of Working Group Co-Chairs

  1. The Working Groups will strike a nominating committee at the August/September meeting to seek nominations for the position of chair.
  2. Vacancies will be announced in mailings to members and on the ccrlist in September and/or October.
  3. The nominating committee will present the slate of nominees at the Working Group meeting in November/December.  Nominations from the floor may be accepted.
  4. In the event of an election, all representatives of CCR member organizations present at the working group meeting have the right to vote, by majority vote.



  1. Where a vacancy arises mid-term, an interim chair will be elected by the working group to act as chair until the return of the chair or until the next November/December meeting, at which time a permanent chair will be elected.
  2. Interim chairs must meet all the criteria below, except that they are not required to make the two-year commitment.
  3. Interim chairs will be elected at the next meeting of the group after the need for an interim chair becomes known.
  4. Wherever feasible, members will be notified in advance of the meeting (by mail and/or ccrlist) that an interim chair is being sought.



Chairpersons of Working Groups must:

  1. Represent a member organization of the CCR that supports him/her in the candidacy.
  2. Have participated in at least two full meetings of the working group.
  3. Have experience in the issues of the working group.
  4. Commit to attending upcoming meetings of the group, for a two-year term, subject to unavoidable constraints.
  5. Be willing to undertake the various duties of the Working Group Chair, as outlined in the job description.



Each Working Group Chair is elected or acclaimed for a term of two years, unless filling a position on an interim basis, and is responsible to the Working Group and the CCR in the following manner:

  1. Be responsible for the development of the Working Group agendas.
  2. Ensure that all working group meetings are chaired.
  3. Ensure that the Working Group and any of the work it undertakes reflect the policies, resolutions and key campaigns of the CCR.
  4. Provide leadership within the CCR for the issues relevant to the working group and monitor the activities, projects and key campaigns undertaken by the Working Group.
  5. Promote membership participation in Working Group meetings and activities.
  6. Promote refugee participation and bilingualism in Working Group meetings and activities
  7. Ensure issues of gender, anti-racism, anti-heterosexism and homophobia are addressed by the Working Group in collaboration with the Core Groups on Gender and Anti-racism. [NB needs to be updated]
  8. Be responsible for aiding in the development of resolutions coming out of the Working Group.
  9. Work with staff to ensure ongoing communications between meetings, especially on issues, action items and resolutions.
  10. Take on specific tasks concerning the Working Group and the CCR as appropriate.
  11. Work with the Executive Director and the President in order to determine CCR representation at events relevant to the Working Group for which the CCR has been invited.
  12. Represent the CCR in appropriate venues such as meetings with government officials and other venues as is needed and as is possible.
  13. Attend all Working Group meetings or give notice of impossibility of attending.
  14. Work in cooperation with the CCR Executive Director.



If necessary, the CCR will cover some costs for Working Group chairs to attend meetings, although members are encouraged to see these costs as far as possible as part of their participation and membership.  The costs covered by the CCR are air or train costs and accommodation.