Fall Consultation 2011


Omni Hotel
1050 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal QC

Protecting Refugee Rights: The importance of independenceProtecting Refugee Rights: The importance of independence

You are invited to attend the CCR Consultation to:

Consultation2Meet service providers, immigrants, refugees, private sponsors, youth, academics, policymakers and activists from across Canada.

Munira Abukar at Hamilton Consultation 2011Gain professional training and new ideas to strategize, plan and carry out actions on a wide range of issues affecting refugees and immigrants.

Consultation3Exchange ideas to improve opportunities for refugees and immigrants.

Discuss community engagement to support the full participation of newcomers in Canadian society.


There is also a downloadable version of the registration form (but we prefer you to fill it out online, if you can).

Register before 4 November to take advantage of the reduced fees!

Information on Consultation accommodation and travel are on page 4 of the Pamphlet.

Short agenda (overview of final program)

You can also read some short descriptions of the workshop sessions.

Trafficking Meeting

Representatives of NGOs involved in work on trafficking are also invited to a National Networking Meeting on Trafficking on Wednesday, November 23rd 2011. A day before the Consultation, this meeting will provide a forum for information-exchange and strategizing on protection, awareness-raising and services to trafficked persons. More information and online registration forms for the meeting are available at http://ccrweb.ca/en/trafficking-meeting-2011 and Trafficking Meeting Registration.

Please help us to promote this Consultation by passing this invitation to people who might be interested in attending and by directing people to this webpage. We appreciate your help in making it a success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CCR Consultations:

Why is it called a 'Consultation' and not a conference?

CCR consultations are designed to move from issues to action:

  • In the workshops, we learn about and discuss the realities, and begin to reflect on what to do.
  • In the working groups, we strategize on next steps, what policies to adopt and what actions to take.
  • At the concluding General Meeting, we adopt any new policy positions through resolutions and review key action items.

Why should I attend a CCR Consultation?

Here's what some people liked best about past Consultations:

"My clients face these issues and it's important for me to hear from other workers about possible solutions."

"Excellent insight into current and past issues, as well as opportunities to connect with people from organizations and groups across the country."

"I am new to the sector: This was a good place to orient myself to urgent issues. This is an opportunity to consult, offer feedback, identify barriers, make recommendations."

"CCR continues to impress with its diversity of representation and increasingly the involvement of a younger group of advocates and refugees."

"The conference truly broadened my knowledge base and allowed me to enhance my contacts within this realm of work."

    This is my first time attending a CCR Consultation.  What do I need know?

    We hope to have orientation sessions in a number of cities for registered participants before the Consultation.  These sessions will be an opportunity to share information about the CCR and to meet others who will be attending the Consultation, so that you can get the most out of your participation.

    Details on time and location of local orientation sessions will be sent out to registered participants once available.

    There will also be orientation sessions for new participants held at the Consultation. A youth orientation session will take place on the evening of Wednesday, November 23th. An orientation session for all Consultation participants will take place on Thursday, November 24th at 8:30 am.

    You can also read the Brief Guide to the CCR Consultation. Alternatively, consult the Youth Network Orientation Guide.

    Can I record or take photos during Consultation sessions? (Policy on photography, filming and audio recording)

    To protect the privacy of participants, we ask you to respect our policy restricting any forms of recording during CCR sessions. You may however take photos (or film or audio record) outside the CCR sessions (for example in the coffee area or lobbies, or before or after a workshop session), but ONLY after explaining the purpose and obtaining permission of each person photographed, filmed or recorded. The policy is available at http://ccrweb.ca/en/policy-recording

    There will be CCR photographers taking pictures during some of the sessions, so that we can document the consultation. If you do not wish to be included in any of the photos, sit in the part of the room that is marked as photo-free. In certain circumstances, the CCR may grant exceptions to specific projects involving recording during a session. Applicants would need to make a request by Friday, November 4th. For more information, see http://ccrweb.ca/en/recording-request.

    I'd like to reserve a display table for my organization.  How do I do this?

    Tables are available for groups to display pamphlets, booklets and other materials. Reserve a table for your group on your Consultation registration form and submit it by Friday, November 11th. Include the reservation fee with your registration.