Canadian Council for Refugees E-Chronicle Vol. 11 no. 9, 22 March 2017

CCR Chronicle

Canadian Council for Refugees E-Chronicle
Vol. 11 #9, 22 March 2017

In this issue:

  1. Family reunification for all!: Take action this Refugee Rights Day (4 April)

Family reunification for allAll families have equal value. However, Canada’s immigration system treats families unequally by immigration category, by world region and by law. Join the CCR’s family reunification campaign to raise awareness of the inequalities and press for fair and equal treatment for all.

Take action around Refugee Rights Day, 4 April, so that all newcomer families are treated equally:

  • Write or visit your Member of Parliament
  • Organize or participate in a local forum on challenges facing separated families
  • Raise your voice online

For more information, including background materials and organizing tips, see:

  1. Refugees at our borders: Frequent questions and how to respond

Respond positively to refugee claimants who have been arriving at our borders in increased numbers in recent months. We have the opportunity and the obligation to give protection to people whose lives are at risk and who come with the urgent hope that Canada will offer them security. Only a tiny percentage of the millions of refugees in the world will ever make their way to Canada: but for those who do, we must live up to our reputation as a haven for refugees by giving them a warm welcome.
Recent media attention has focused on refugee claimants crossing into Canada from the United States and there are many misconceptions about Canada’s role and responsibility towards people crossing the border irregularly.
Help debunk myths and misconceptions about refugees at Canada’s borders with journalists and on social media:

  • Explain why crossing a border for refugee protection is not illegal
  • Object to references to “illegal immigrants” and other inaccurate terms
  • Explain why we must protect privacy of refugee claimants
  • Put the numbers of claimants in perspective
  • Frame refugee claimants in positive light

The CCR has compiled a list of frequent questions about refugee claimants and the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement received from journalists in recent weeks and our responses.

For additional statements from the CCR, read ‘Welcoming refugees at our border: a moral and legal imperative’

  1. New CCR resource: Refugees Welcome Here toolkit

Refugees Welcome Here toolkit

Planning a public event on issues affecting refugees? Looking for tips on using social media to promote your issue?

The Refugees Welcome Here Toolkit is intended for groups, organizations, schools, allies, members and partners wishing to conduct or enhance outreach, strengthen partnerships, raise awareness and promote welcoming attitudes in their communities, organizations and sectors.

The toolkit’s purpose is also to bridge the gap between “how do I start?” to taking action, building a structured approach for sustained refugee rights promotion and advocacy.

Check out the toolkit online at:

  1. Upcoming CCR meetings: Spring Consultation, June 1-3, Edmonton

CCR Spring Consultation, Edmonton, 1-3 June 2017

Join us to explore questions affecting refugee protection and newcomer settlement at the Canadian Council for Refugees Spring Consultation Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion: Reflecting on the past to inspire the future in Edmonton, Alberta, 1-3 June 2017. All are welcome to participate!

With views from all Canadian provinces and with participants in fields as diverse as healthcare and the law, the conference offers opportunities for professional development, networking and strategy.

For more information, including provisional program, accommodation details and registration, see:


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