CCR objectives for our year as ATCR co-chair

In 2019-2020 Canada is chairing the Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR) and CCR has the role of NGO Focal Point. We plan to use our role to work towards the following objectives:

  1. Use our voice to bring forward the depth of the crisis facing refugee resettlement.
  2. Ensure that the inclusion of Complementary Pathways does not lead to decreased resettlement focus and opportunities, or loss of focus on finding permanent solutions. (NB we are concerned about apparent blurring of distinction between resettlement and CP. It is crucial to maintain focus on expanding resettlement.)
  3. Bring back the selection part of the ATCR agenda (which refugees are chosen for resettlement, who is left out, specific groups that need attention, discriminatory aspects of States’ selection criteria)
  4. Promote international networking of NGOs involved in resettlement
  5. Work to make refugee participation a permanent and meaningful part of the process, for which all three parties have responsibility.
  6. Achieve clearer tripartite structures and processes, with records of decisions made
  7. Clarify the situation with Working Group(s) and ensure things are as transparent and tripartite as possible.