Bill C-11 - call to sign open letter

The CCR is inviting organizations to sign on to an open letter outlining concerns with Bill C-11, which will significantly change the refugee determination system.

The letter is available at

The bill contains some positive elements, but also some measures that could put some refugees, particularly the most vulnerable, at risk of being deported to persecution.

These measures will be of concern for everyone committed to ensuring that Canada welcomes refugees and respects their human rights.  Bill C-11 also contains elements that will particularly undermine the rights of children, women, and LGBT persons.

The CCR encourages organizations to:

  • Sign on by sending an email to with the name of the organization and the name and title of the person representing the organization.
  • Circulate this request for signatures widely.
  • Mail the letter directly on your letterhead.

The letter with signatories will be posted online and will also be mailed to the Minister and critics from time to time as additional signatures are received.

For more information about Bill C-11, please see, and in particular the overview of concerns