We're better together

Better TogetherWe are better together economically, socially and culturally when we welcome refugees in our communities.

We know it, let's share it.

More and more people are interested in hearing about how people who arrived as refugees have brought positive economic, social and cultural contributions to communities across Canada, and how our communities - in coming together - are helping to make this possible.

Better Together is an initiative to help all of us better share these stories, drive more positive community-based narratives and have better conversations involving those who came to Canada to seek refuge from persecution.

We need to:

  • Talk about community-based impacts, not just individual successes.
  • Keep solutions front and centre, rather than problems.
  • Lead with the shared values of community and working together to build for the future.
  • Profile recognizable, everyday community stories with benefits for all of us, including those who arrived as refugees and those who welcomed/supported them.
  • Focus on the long-term benefits of welcoming refugees in contrast to the short-term costs.

Tools you can use:

  • Stories and portraits - models and templates to develop stories and posters for you to use
  • Data and research findings to complement stories and to reinforce key messages
  • Conversation strategies, tips and talking points:
    • to build values-based messaging tailored to local realities
    • to listen deeply, to have difficult conversations
    • to tell relatable, human stories
    • to pivot messages to what you want to say

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