Action requests from November 2014 Working Group meetings

Immigration and Settlement

1.  Migrant workers 

Background: The government of Canada implemented a rule in 2011 limiting migrant workers in the low-wage stream of the TFWP (previously known as the low-skill pilot project) to four years of work in Canada.

The first of these work permits are set to expire in April 2015. Thousands of migrant workers will be affected, and will have to either leave Canada or stay in the country as out-of-status migrants with all the implied vulnerabilities and risks.

Grassroots groups across the country are organizing a variety of actions to educate and organize around the plight of the workers, the massive injustice being committed and the need to regularize their status.

Action: The CCR calls on its members to support the efforts of local groups to educate and organize, or plan their own activities to highlight this issue and bring about immediate and long-term change to the situation of these vulnerable migrant workers.

2.  C-43
Awareness-raising and advocacy around impacts of C-43

3.  Support Express entry family reunification campaign


Inland Protection

1. C-43: gather stories, work against C-43 at local level

2. Collect cases and scenarios re. violence against women and CBSA

3. Sign Amnesty International’s online Petition regarding Optional Protocol on CAT


  1. Participate in campaign for Express Entry for family reunification
  2. Use CCR information document on Private Sponsorship (once finalized) to educate faith leaders, Members of Parliament, etc.
  3. Participate in initiatives re. private sponsorship refusals - advocate for legal aid, respond to survey on refusals.