Frequently Asked Questions about user accounts on

  1. Who can have a user account on (the website of the Canadian Council for Refugees)?

A representative of a member organization

Each CCR member organization decides who can have an account on as their representative (e.g. whether only staff members, or board members and volunteers).

The account administrator for the specified member organization receives a notification whenever someone requests a user account as a representative of that organization.

Associate members

Associate members are individual, non-voting members.

  1. Should I check the ‘Associate member’ option?

Do not check ‘Associate Member’ unless the Canadian Council for Refugees has approved you as an Associate Member and you pay the annual fee.

Associate Members are individual non-voting members. There is a formal application process to become an Associate Member.

CCR Associate Members include lawyers, retirees, teachers and others. Government and media representatives cannot be Associate Members, however.

  1. Should I check the ‘administrative account’ option on the account sign-up page?

Only check ‘administrative account’ if this is the main user account responsible for managing the organization’s information with the CCR. Each member organization should have ONE administrative account to manage information and user accounts for their organization.

In addition, there can be as many individual accounts as desired for each member.

Your organization may already have an administrative account on If you are in doubt, don’t check ‘administrative account’. Send an email to for more information.

Here is the difference in roles between administrative accounts and individual accounts:


What they can do: Individual account Administrative account
Register for CCR meetings and webinar at member rates
Access information for CCR members only
Join discussions on for CCR members
Receive regular updates for CCR members
Manage online information about their organization  
Manage/approve affiliated individual account requests  


  1. I received a message confirming that my account request was sent to the website administrators for approval. How long will this take?

Depending on how quickly account administrators can process your request, approval may take a few minutes or a couple of days.

  1. I forgot my user name - what should I do?

You can use your subscribed email address instead of your user name to log in.

After you are logged in, go to Your Account (top right corner) and you will see (and can change) your user name.

  1. How do I ask for a new password for my account on

Go to or to the top right-hand corner of the main webpage

  1. I’m with a CCR member organization, but I don’t know if I can ask for an account. What do I do?

Do you have an email address with your organization’s name in it? If so, you probably can have a member account.

If you are not sure, check with someone at your organization who knows about membership in the CCR.

Each CCR member organization decides who can have an account on as their representative (for example: only staff members, or board members and volunteers too).

Frequently Asked Questions about administrative accounts:

  1. Who can have an account on as a representative of our organization?

Each CCR member organization decides who can have an account on as their representative (for example: only staff members, or board members and volunteers too).

If you want to specify restrictions on who can have an account as a representative of your organization, check the relevant box in your organization’s page and indicate what your restrictions are (see questions 12 below if you are not sure how to change your organization’s information).

  1. We don’t recognize or approve of an individual account that is associated with our organization. What do we do?

When a new, individual account is approved, the holder of the administrative account will receive an email message letting you know the name and email address of the person. If you don’t recognize or approve of their account affiliation, reply to the confirmation email with your concern or write an email directly to

  1. Our organization would like to transfer control of the administrative account to a new person, what do we do?

There are 2 options:

a) If the new person doesn’t already have a user account at, give the administrative account username and password to your colleague. They can then access the account and change preferences, including the account email address and password.

b) If the person taking on the administrative account already has an individual user account on, send an email to We can change their individual user account to an administrative account designation.

  1. Can we have more than one administrative account for our organization?

No, our system only allows for ONE administrative account per CCR member organization.

If you would like more than one person to manage your organization’s administrative account, choose a username, password and email address that can be shared between colleagues.

  1. How do I update CCR’s information about my organization (including as it appears in the CCR member directory at )

You can update information about your organization on using your organization’s administrative account.

Once logged in with your organization’s administrative account, go to Your Account (top right corner) and click on your organization. Select ‘edit’ to update any information. Click ‘save’ at the bottom of the webpage to accept the changes.

  1. My question about accounts on isn’t here. Who do I contact?

Send your question or comment to and we’ll be happy to help.