The CCR is seeking a host organization for its second Youth Action Gathering to be held in late summer 2013.

The first YAG was held in Montreal August 30-September 1, 2012. We are looking forward to travelling to another great Canadian city next year. Would your community like to welcome youth from across the country so that they explore new ideas together for create positive change for refugee and immigrant youth?


Expectations of local host

1) Finding meeting space for the event

Finding an appropriate venue is an important part of the hosting responsibilities. Securing a space in which people will feel comfortable and will also serve the technical needs of the workshop is ideal. At last year’s YAG we had a two plenaries and several simultaneous workshops. There should be access to at least one room or hall where all the participants (approx 70) can come together as well as workshop or break out rooms with a capacity of between 20 and 40 people depending on if there are 2 or 3 rooms. The local host will also need to look after audio-visual support for the meetings (projectors, microphones). Last year the event was held over Labour Day weekend at the end of August.  The end of August seems to be a good time however there could be some flexibility.  In your application it would be important to address the date you would choose and why.

2) Catering meals

Part of the ethos of the Youth Action Gathering is to make it as accessible for participants as possible. One of the decisions we made last year in order to do that was to have meals and accommodation provided.  Providing simple but nutritious meals keeps participants happy!  The host organization would be expected to provide at least breakfast and lunch for the duration of the gathering.

3) Finding accommodation (e.g. billets) for participants from out of town

As many participants will be travelling with very limited budgets the accommodation provided should be either free or at a very low cost.

4) Recruiting and managing volunteers

To run a successful event it is important to have informed and friendly volunteers who ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Recruiting and training the volunteers is the responsibility of the local host (but of course the CCR will provide support when needed).

5) Organizing social events

Social events are important times during gathering such as these and are opportunities for the participants to be able to connect and get to know each other in a more informal environment. Having more than one option to choose from is always ideal and we would recommend something active to help burn some of that nervous energy!

6) Fundraising for some of the costs of the YAG

Hosting a national event is not a small undertaking and the CCR has only a small amount of money to put towards the costs. We therefore need to raise at least around $10,000 more, and often this can best be done locally. Overall costs depend on how much can be obtained as in-kind contributions (for example, if meeting space is not free – money must be raised to cover those costs.)

7) Promoting youth participation in the YAG locally

We want you and your community to be as excited about the YAG as we are so we expect that you will be using whatever means at your disposal to promote the event.  Part of hosting the YAG is showing motivated youth leaders from Canada what your community is all about by engaging your local community in the event!


CCR (with its Youth Network) will provide:

  1. Planning of YAG program (but active input and ideas from the local host are most welcome)
  2. Some partial travel subsidies for participants from outside the region
  3. Promotion of the YAG outside the region
  4. Management of registration of participants
  5. Limited financial support for the YAG meeting costs


Selection of host will be made on the basis of the following criteria

  1. Capacity to fulfill the expectations above.
  2. Financial viability.
  3. Other proposed contributions to making the YAG a success.


To apply, send a proposal to, by January 18th 2013, explaining:

  1. How you plan to fulfill the expectations.
  2. Who (individuals, organizations) will be responsible for which tasks (preferably with a letter from the organizations confirming what they will do).
  3. Any other ideas you have for making the YAG a success.


If you have any questions or need any clarification please feel free to contact Chloe – Youth Network Coordinator at or 514-277-7223 extension # 3