Suggested Activities for CCR Youth Network Members


CCR Campaigns – collaborating locally to inspire people into actions for CCR and YN national campaigns.

  • Start/support a local group in developing a youth-friendly public advocacy tool for a CCR Campaign (e.g. video, pamphlet, Power Point, play, street performance, flash mob, podcast, etc.)
  • Get a CCR campaign issue onto a local organization’s agenda (e.g. student group, community organization, regional forum/table, etc.) by:
  • Organizing a session to introduce the campaign to the local organization  
  • Creating a YN Campaign committee within a local organization and meeting regularly to organize and do campaign actions collectively 
  Examples of Campaign activities include:  
  • letters to government
  • talk to your Member of Parliament
  • encourage your local city council to take the position that we suggest
  • create a video that shows a problem in your community and suggests a solution
  • organize a public event
  • collect petition signatures
  • distribute campaign postcards/have a postcard write-a-thon
  • street theatre
  • spoken word event
  • make presentations to local groups, and much more! 
  Click here to discover our campaigns.  

CCR Promotion – inspiring people locally to become engaged within the YN; collaborating with local individuals and groups to help make the CCR more youth-friendly

  • Invite and guide local groups to become involved in CCR campaigns and activities
  • Work in close collaboration with individuals and groups in your community to:
  • Promote youth participation during CCR Consultations (organizing How to Get Involved in Consultation sessions, a consultation workshop, making connections with CCR/YN members and CCR member organizations to effectively bring an issue forward at CCR Consultations, etc.)
  • Organize a public education event and/or a fundraising event to sponsor youth participation at and travel to CCR national meetings, YN actions, etc. Click here for suggestions and here for event ideas.
  • Create publicity material for the YN (e.g. video, posters, pamphlet, etc.) Click here  for a video example.