Contribute to the CCR Youth Network Music Video!

About the project:

This spring, members of the CCR Youth Network are collaborating from coast to coast to create a national music video. Emerging artist and youth worker Saa Andrew is coordinating the project, in collaboration with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton and Battle of the Arts NB

Our objective:

We want to encourage youth to get involved in their communities and in our coalition to promote refugee and immigrant youth rights in Canada.

Here’s how you can contribute to the music video:

Step 1: Check out the newest lyrics – Saa Andrew is working on recording the song, which will be available by the end of May.

Step 2: Get together with friends/family/coworkers to talk about the project and brainstorm ideas. Or just take a few minutes to think about it on your own. What do you want to contribute to the music video? You don’t have to be a professional artist to contribute; we just want to see you shine for who you are!

Here are a few suggestions:

  •   Filming yourself/yourselves holding signs that communicate your values;
  •   Signing parts of the song in A Capella, using the song’s tune or your own style;
  •   Playing parts of the song with your own instruments;
  •   Doing a small dance to parts of the song;
  •   Filming yourself / yourselves taking action in your community (collecting petition signatures against Bill C-31, making a banner for a demo, putting up posters for an event in your community, having a meeting to plan actions… whatever you usually do!)

Step 3: Contact Saa Andrew to share and discuss your ideas at

Step 4: Film yourself doing whatever cool thing you decided to do. Keep it short! 30 seconds max (we might not be able to use all of the footage).

Step 5: Make sure that everyone who appears on camera signed the consent form (this is really important; we won’t be able to use your footage without the forms!)

Step 6: Send us your footage in .mov format and signed consent form(s) using the program Dropbox (it’s free!), or whatever other way works for you.

Note: the CCR reserves the right not to include your footage in the video. For example, we won’t include your clip if it doesn’t respect our anti-oppression policy or if we don’t have consent forms for people appearing in the video.

The deadline to submit your clip is Monday June 11th.

Looking forward to seeing you on camera!!