Local Branches

The Local Branch Activation took place from November 2018 to March 2019, which set the foundations of the Local Youth Network Branches. Four communities across Canada (Vancouver, Sherbrooke, Toronto and Fredericton) participated in this initiative, each consulting newcomer youth on what they want the journey to Canada to look like, and sharing these remits with their community and organizations.

Meet the Local Branches below:

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Leaders: Mustafa Kemal Sen, Muhammad Zamer Jamil

Supporting Organization: MOSAIC

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Leader: Veronique Chance

Supporting Organization: Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

Leaders: Dennis Njoki, Dequana Simmonds 

Supporting Organization: FCJ Refugee Centre

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Leader: Khalida Faqiry

Supporting Organizations: Association Éducative Transculturelle,
Fédération des communautés culturelles de l’Estrie


Congratulations to all and welcome to the CCR Youth Network!