Check out 7 Keys to Protecting and Welcoming Refugees and Newcomers

The CCR has published Seven Keys to Protecting and Welcoming Refugees and Newcomers in Canada, a vision of what we want for refugees and newcomers to Canada. For this vision to become reality, we are reflecting on what these Seven Keys look like, what they mean for our communities and we want to share them with others between now and Refugee Rights Day - 4 April!

Help fill in the blanks and share what these mean to you and to the people around you. Here are some ideas on what you can do:

Here are some ways in which these keys were reflected through the Youth Network's 2014 Speak Up! Projects:

See why a secure status is important for this group of youth and allies leading the project Celebrating Student Voice: Raising the Profile of Refugee Experiences.

Learn what rights and dignity for all means for the groups leading L'école pour tous#Use Ur Voice and Reclaim Honour.

Learn why building welcoming communities in Canada is so important for newcomer youth, through In My Own Voice - A Visual Diary of Newcomer Youth.

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