CCR Youth Network Representatives


CCR Youth Representatives are dedicated, young individuals (under 25) who act as links between their region and the CCR Youth Network.Their role is to make sure that there is strong communication between local regions and the Youth Network at the national level, and to inspire people in their communities into action.There are 8 Youth Representatives across Canada, and priority is given to newcomer youth, in keeping with the Youth Network’s commitment to newcomer youth representation.  

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Organizing activities for CCR Campaigns: collaborating locally to inspire people into actions for CCR and Youth Network national campaigns.
  • Organizing activities to promote the CCR- inspiring people locally to become engaged within the Youth Network; collaborating with local individuals and groups to help make the CCR more youth-friendly
  • Recruiting local youth to participate in CCR national events
  • Training future Youth Representatives to ensure continuity


CCR Youth Network Representatives (2010-2011) :


Sina Noorani (Vancouver, BC)

Sina is studying English at the Vancouver community college. He studied 2 years in hospitality and tourism management and he really likes to learn about different cultures and customs. Sina used to play violin and he's interested in classical music. Please feel free to email him if you have any ideas or questions for CCR Youth Network actions in Vancouver. Email:




Peter Frank (Sherbrooke, Québec)

I am a Bishop’s University student majoring in Business and Administration. I am currently working as a CCR Youth Network representative in Lennoxville, Sherbrooke (Quebec) region. I hold a Business, Economics and Commerce diploma. I am now working very hard and volunteering in community groups to help bring other new refugee students who have no means to further their education careers. I enjoy playing soccer, bike riding, gym related activities, and have fun participating in a variety of winter related sports. Email:





Andrew Gbongbor (Fredericton, NB) 

My name is Andrew Saa Gbongbor ( commonly known as Saa Andrew). I am originally from Sierra Leone, and now live in Canada. I just graduated from St. Thomas University, where I attained my Liberal Arts degree. I majored in Human Rights & World History. Since I arrived in Canada, in June of 2004, I have been working with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton as a children and youth facilitator, which gives me the opportunity to meet diverse people from all over the world. I am also an artist/musician (Traditional African Caribbean style), with two CDs out. Most of my songs are about promoting peace and keep my audience entertained at the same time. I would love to be a role model for creating peace and help make our world a better place for everyone. Email:






Aaleem Mohammed (Toronto, ON)

Hard-working and dedicated to the cause, Aaleem is new to CCR as this is his first year as a Youth Networker. Volunteering throughout the community, he has gained valuable experience and knowledge which can be developed and honed into the arts for a greater purpose/cause. He has college experience in computers yet, taking a leave of absence from the program to find his true calling; which is helping others. Aaleem is interested in human rights and betterment involving communities across Canada and the globe. Interested in music, arts and technology, Aaleem is versatile with a very optimistic view towards the future of change. If you'd like to contact him, please don't hesitate to email him, with any questions or concerns. Aaleem is here to help! Email:

Bonita Loki Teixeira (Windsor, ON)

Bonita is working as representative for the CCR Youth Network in Windsor (Southern Ontario). She volunteered for different non-profit organizations in Windsor and Essex County where she gained unforgettable lifetime experience. Currently, she’s promoting CCR to Windsor youth, and is committed to helping others. Bonita is fluent in different languages and international news are her passion. She enjoys photojournalism and reading books about world history. One of her primary dream are world peace and love. If you have any questions please contact her by email:



More profiles to come!