Working Group Steering Committees


  • Provide support to Co-Chairs in ensuring that the work agenda is moved forward and that Resolutions and Action Items are acted upon.
  • Offer an opportunity to draw on the wealth within the membership to advance the work of the Working Group
  • Promote inclusion and participation
  • Provide an opportunity for people to prepare for a possible term as a co-chair
  • Allow past Co-Chairs to continue to share their expertise.

Structure and Term

  • 5 or 6 persons (in addition to the WG Co-Chairs).
  • term of 2 years, renewable once, beginning and ending in November.
  • Appointed by the Co-Chairs
  • Recruited through an applications process that is accessible to all the members
  • Co-chairs may also invite individuals to join the Steering Committee.
  • Regional representation as well as linkage with Core Groups should also be considered when appointing members.

Expectations of Steering Committee members

Steering Committee members work closely with the Co-Chairs to realize the tasks undertaken by the Working Group, including on Resolutions, Action Items, new initiatives and strategic thinking, preparation for consultations, attendance at meetings with government etc. In addition, members are expected to

  • Provide advice to the Co-Chairs on working group business (agenda setting, follow up to meetings, developing strategies to advance WG priorities, promoting participation, etc);
  • Provide input on CCR response to issues relevant to the WG that emerge in between WG meetings;
  • Report to Co Chairs information that may be relevant to the WG, including from the member's region;
  • Take on specific tasks related to WG follow up
  • Participate in meetings with government, as feasible and appropriate;
  • Participate in all meetings of the WG, where possible given funding constraints (NB CCR is not able to provide funding for travel expenses of Steering Committee members).