Current German responses to refugees


This webinar will focus on German responses to refugees, in the context of the Syrian refugee crisis, the migrant boats in the Mediterranean and the barriers built up around Fortress Europe. Why has Germany opened its doors more than many other countries to Syrian refugees? What is the situation for Syrian and other refugees in Germany? What are the main concerns of German refugee advocates?

Cette séance sera en anglais mais les participants peuvent poser des questions en français.

Thursday 10 September 2015, 1pm - 2pm Eastern time

Resource persons

Hanns Thomae, former director of Refugee Outreach for the Protestant Church in Berlin and Brandenburg, member of the ecumenical network, member of the board of the Refugee-Council of Berlin.



Johanna Heil and Eva Lutter, Caritas Friedland, based in a reception centre for refugees (capacity 1000 individuals) in  Lower-Saxony offering counselling, advice and other services to refugees (asylum seekers, arrivals under resettlement and humanitarian admission).

  • Johanna and Eva both work as refugee advisors for asylum seekers and arrivals under resettlement and humanitarian admission. They are also project coordinators of a new Caritas project intending to strenghten communication and information structures within the admission and integration process in all admission programm