**Take action through the media**

Join the CCR and other allies in raising awareness about the lack of protections for migrant workers and their rights in Canada.

Ideas for making concerns about migrant workers in Canada visible through the media:

  • connect with your local community radio station  - programmers are usually looking for material for their show and will often be willing to take suggestions on topics to highlight or people to interview
  • get in touch with local print and/or television media to bring their attention to the situation of migrant workers in your area or in the country as a whole
  • use social media to help spread the work about the lack of protections for migrant workers in Canada
  • write an op-ed on this issue for the newspaper
  • if there is an article on migrant workers in the paper, quickly write a letter to the editor. If ther coverage of the issue is good, you can commend the paper for addressing this important issues; if there are faults with the coverage you could address them and highlight concerns


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